Medical Student Symposium at COS 2023

This year, COSIG, along with CCOR, held the first medical student symposium at COS 2023 in Quebec City this past June.

The purpose of this symposium was to engage and invite students to actively partake in the annual meeting, while providing opportunities to advance their knowledge, and skills while fostering a sense of community.

Overall, this symposium gained great participation and feedback from those who attended.

Keynote Speakers

We were honoured to have Dr. Agnes Wong present our Keynote talk on "Lessons you might not learn on your path to becoming a doctor" as she spoke about her journey in becoming a physician-chaplain and how medical learners can lead a healthy and compassionate life.


Students rotated between 5 resident-run workshop stations where they learned basic ophthalmology skills surrounding glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology and indirect ophthalmoscopy. Notably, many students were excited to get their first experience practicing intravitreal injection on simulated eye models.

Group Mentorship

The final part of the symposium consisted of resident-run mentoring sessions where students rotated through a variety of PGY1-5 residents to have open and transparent discussions surrounding their unique journeys to the field of ophthalmology and seek advice where needed.

COS Medical Student Grant

The COS Foundation took a significant step forward by introducing the inaugural "COS Foundation Medical Student Grant." This grant was specifically designed to alleviate the financial burden of the early-bird conference registration fee. Open to ten medical students, the grant application process underwent careful evaluation by a prestigious committee composed of COS Foundation ophthalmologists and CCOR resident physicians.

The selection process considered both the applicants' financial needs and their scholarly achievements, ensuring a fair and comprehensive assessment. In addition to the grant, the fortunate recipients were honoured with a certification of receipt during the day of the medical student symposium at the COS Annual Meeting.

You can find details about our Medical Student Symposium, and more, in our 3-Year Report!

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