NEW in 2023: Bricks

Our team at COSIG has put together a series of educational learning modules that touch on high-yield aspects of Ophthalmology that can be utilized at any stage in your medical education!

These modules are accessible as Bricks through Rx Brick Exchange, a global platform that enables the dissemination of knowledge worldwide.

Check out our currently published Bricks, and stay tuned for our new releases!

Anatomy, Physiology and the Approach to the Patient with an Eye Complaint

As a medical student, encountering a patient with an eye complaint can be a very daunting task! Having a foundational understanding of the anatomy of the eye is a prerequisite for confidently developing an accurate differential diagnosis, carrying out appropriate investigations, and addressing patient needs.

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Pediatric Ophthalmology and Optics

Pediatric ophthalmology is the study of little eyeballs! Or more technically, it is a sub-specialty of ophthalmology that is concerned with eye diseases, visual development, and vision care in children. This can be a challenging endeavour considering many children are unable to communicate their symptoms or answer medical questions. However, learning to examine and treat children in a way that makes them relaxed and cooperative can be very rewarding!

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Uveitis is defined as the inflammation of the structures of the uvea, occurring from both infectious and non-infectious causes. It is characterized by symptoms such as pain, redness, photophobia, and blurry vision. The term "ocular inflammatory diseases" (OID) more generally encompasses inflammatory diseases of ocular structures, including uveitis.

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Glaucoma is a group of conditions characterized by progressive optic neuropathy and characteristic optic nerve head changes and visual defects.

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In this module, we'll take a deep dive into the world of the retina! We'll explore the structure and function of the retina and the vitreous while also exploring the visual pathway. The module will also tackle introductory retina examination, compare direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes, discuss tips on mastering fundus examination, and describe ancillary testing like optical coherence tomography (OCT) and fundus photography.

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