• Clara Long, Amirthan Sothivannan, Anne Xuan-Lan Nguyen, Stuti Misty Tanya

Event Summary: University of British Columbia CaRMS Open House

Updated: Jan 8

Source: University of British Columbia Website

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences held their virtual CaRMS Open House on November 5, 2021. The event began with a warm welcome from Dr. Sheldon (program director) and a panel of residents, who described the academic program, resident opportunities, and life in Vancouver. The panelists held a live question and answer session following the presentation.

Here were our highlights from the event:

· With a large catchment area (including the Yukon), residents have the opportunity to train with world experts at multiple teaching sites.

· There is a dedicated wet lab open 24h per day, with plans to acquire a surgical simulator.

· There is time set nearly every day for academic teaching and protected time every week for research. There is also funding available for educational expenses, including conference attendance.

· The Royal College Accreditation process has prompted significant program improvements, including the implementation of an enhanced surgical curriculum, increased support for residents, and more direct and timely feedback to learners. The program is very receptive to resident feedback and is constantly seeking to improve. The new Resident Doctors of BC collective agreement ensures improved salary and benefits for UBC residents.

· There are plenty of opportunities to mentor and teach medical students and to learn from other residents, fellows, and staff. There is a formal mentorship program connecting residents to staff.

· With warm summers and beautiful coastlines, BC is well known for its outdoor activities all year round. There is something here for everyone - whether you are a foodie or sports fan!

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