• Clara Long, Andrew Samuel

Event Summary: Queen’s University Ophthalmology Town Hall

Updated: Jan 8

Source: Queen’s University website

Queen’s Ophthalmology planned four virtual Town Hall events from October to January, each involving a small panel of residents and staff and an intimate gathering of medical students. The first Town Hall was held on October 17, 2021 and hosted by Dr. Curtis (R5), Dr. Banwell (R3), and Dr. Gonder. Following an introduction on the program, resident opportunities, and life in Kingston, there was an interactive live question and answer session.

Here were our highlights from the event:

· CBME has been well received and established at Queen’s University.

· As a small program, there is a close working relationship between residents and between residents and staff.

· Ophthalmology exposure starts in R1! First year residents spend a total of 3.5 months in ophthalmology in addition to attending TORIC.

· Please see https://ophthalmology.queensu.ca/academics/postgrad/carms to request access to a virtual tour of the department. Find the answers to all of your questions on the curriculum, research, and living in Kingston.

· There are plenty of opportunities to diversify your residency experience, including being involved in the humanities, research, global health, and rural experiences in Northern Ontario.

· Kingston has a small town feel with easily accessible outdoor activities. Being lakeside, there is plenty to see and do!

If you were unable to attend this event, Queen’s will be hosting their next Town Halls in December and January 15. Please register at https://ophthalmology.queensu.ca/academics/postgrad/carms! For more news, follow them on Instagram @queensophtho!