Parallel Planning Webinar 2023

On June 22nd, 2023, the COMP team hosted a panel session featuring newly matched ophthalmology residents sharing their experiences and opinions surrounding parallel planning when applying to residency programs.

The panelists who generously shared their experiences and insights were: 

  1. Aidan (Queen’s): matched to Queen’s; also applied to pediatrics 
  2. Reem (UBC): matched to UOttawa; also applied to radiation oncology
  3. Shawn (UBC): matched to UBC; also applied to radiology & family medicine
  4. Laura (USask): matched to USask; also applied to internal medicine

General parallel planning advice: 

How to navigate parallel planning:

Electives strategies with parallel plan:

Going unmatched: 

Parallel planning with family medicine:

Writing applications:


Research when parallel planning:

By: Mehrshad Hanafi, Lucy Yang, Sloane Kowal