Event Summary: 2020-21 University of Ottawa Town Halls 1&2

Dec 26, 2020 | 2 min

The University of Ottawa’s Department of Ophthalmology held their first two information sessions on October 21th and November 25th 2020. They were hosted by the program director, Dr. Chloe Gottlieb, the previous program director, Dr. Bernard Hurley, a handful of residents, and recent alumni. There were prepared presentations by the department followed by ample time for questions from the student audience. Topics discussed have been wide ranging, touching on both the academic merits of the program and what it is like to live in Ottawa. Here are just a few takeaways from the discussion:

In case you could not attend this session, they will be hosting a final session on December 16th!

Authors: Cody Lo, Eisi Mollanji & Rishi Gupta

Cody Lo is a 4th year medical student at UBC and is the Director of External Affairs for the Canadian Ophthalmology Student Interest Group. Eisi Mollanji and Rishi Gupta are medical students at the University of Ottawa and are the COSIG Representatives for the University of Ottawa.