• Clara Long

Event Summary: University of Calgary CaRMS Program Info Session

Updated: Jan 8

Source: University of Calgary website

The University of Calgary Section of Ophthalmology held their virtual CaRMS Program Info Session on November 30, 2021. Following a warm welcome and a video introducing the University of Calgary Ophthalmology program (available at www.calgaryophthalmology.ca), participants were sorted into breakout rooms with current residents to ask questions in small groups.

Here were our highlights from the event:

· The PGY1 year is spent rotating through relevant specialties such as neuroradiology. PGY1s also have the opportunity to do an elective in community ophthalmology.

· The University of Calgary program is the only program in Canada to offer an ocular pathology block!

· PGY2s spend time learning how to use the OCT machine and other imaging modalities. When on call, residents have access to ophthalmic tech support so that residents can focus their on call learning.

· Residents can expand their learning by attending courses outside of Calgary, including the Bay Area Ophthalmology Course. Funding is available to support course and conference attendance.

· There is regular access to cadaveric eyes for surgical practice, and residents have 24/7 access to an Eyesi surgical simulator. Once residents become competent with cataract surgery (the average resident reaches 750 cases!), further surgical exposure can be personalized based on individual learning goals.

· Calgary is known for its good food, night life, and affordable living. With regular events such as retreats, dinners, and get-togethers, the University of Calgary residents make the most of their city.

To learn more about the University of Calgary Ophthalmology program, please visit www.calgaryophthalmology.ca and follow them on Instagram @yyc_ophtho!