Event Summary: 2020-21 Queen’s Ophthalmology Town Hall

Nov 22, 2020 | 2 min

Queen’s University held their first of 3 town hall sessions on November 14th, 2020. It was capped at around 30 participants which allowed for a more intimate atmosphere where attendees were encouraged to ask their questions over text or video throughout the event. There was no prepared presentation so the entire event was fuelled by participant questions! Here are a few takeaways from the discussion:

Queen's Ophthalmology's new CaRMS Site

You can explore the program here. They will also be hosting future Town Halls on December 12th at 2pm EST and January 9th. Finally, you can follow them on Instagram at @queensophtho!

Authors: Cody Lo

Cody Lo is a 4th year medical student from UBC and is the Director of External Affairs for the Canadian Ophthalmology Student Interest Group.