• Christina Mastromonaco

BroadEYE Podcast

The Podcast that explores knowledge gaps in ophthalmology and eye care, with guests

hailing from ophthalmology clinics, optometry clinics, vision research labs, industry, private companies, and the low vision community.

Target Audience

The content we share can help ophthalmologists, residents, allied healthcare workers, medical students and patients, stay up to date about the latest research developments, new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, and any information pertinent to the eye care community.

Our latest episode features, Dr. Robert Greenberg, current Chairman and CEO of Alfred Mann Foundation and former CEO of Second Sight Medical Products, shares his experience at the helm of one of the world’s most innovative medical device companies; retinal implant to treat patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Other guests included physicians Dr. Debra Meghan-Sanft, who shared an overview of the causes, risk factors, and treatments associated with an array of ocular emergencies; Dr. Steven McIntosh provided a high-level overview of Age-related Macular Degeneration; and Dr. Cynxia Qian examined in-depth overview of Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Other international professors spoke about their research, like Dr. Walter Wittich on deafblind rehabilitation, Dr. Lore Thaler on her research on echolocation, Dr. Julia Burnier on her research on ocular melanoma and liquid biopsies, and Dr. Heman Khanna on the latest research in ocular gene therapy and CRISPR.

Furthermore, CEOs and leads of the latest ocular technology companies, like Microsoft, Zilia, Be My Eyes, and TapTapSee, are just a few of our guests. Inspirational stories include guests such as the President of 2020 Vision Quest Randy Pierce, CNIB executive director David Demers, and Paralympic athlete Victoria Nolan. Upcoming guest include Dr. Hady Sahed to talk about his expertise in Glaucoma.

Learning Objectives

  • Bridge the scientific and clinical communities to clinicians, scientists and patients.

  • Describe the latest research in eye care and ophthalmology.

  • Identify individuals or foundations with impactful stories to inspire the low vision community.

  • Provide knowledge in the understanding of eye disease through both the clinical and scientific approaches.

  • Explore the innovative thought process of start-up companies in the ocular sector, ocular medical devices, smart phone apps for the visually impaired, and accessibility leads. .

  • Communicate knowledge gaps and overviews for patients interested in eye care, patients with ocular diseases and family of patients. .

  • Keep a transparent communication with new diagnostics and treatments for eye diseases.

Access Details

The podcast has its own webpage at www.broadeye.org. Every episode is posted there, with an embedded player and some information regarding the content discussed and about the guest.

The episode can also be accessed directly through the major podcast platforms:

Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts