Educational Videos

Learn from videos by some of the world's top ophthalmologists!

Ike Ahmed Videos

Developed by one of the best anterior chamber ophthalmologists in the world teaching out of the University of Toronto, Dr. Ike Ahmed posts an abundance of content about surgeries as well as tips on how to excel as a surgeon.

MedSKL: Ophthalmology

Learn medicine from a collection of modules curated by medical professors from around the world. The editor-in-chief? Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Professor of Ophthalmology at Queen's University.


A quick and easy refresher of the ophthalmological anatomy.

Tim Root Videos

The author of OphthoBook brings you an abundance of videos to further develop your ophthalmology knowledge.

Cataract Surgery

Introduction to cataract surgery

Strabismus Surgery

Introduction to strabismus surgery


Videos of more niche surgeries supplied by physicians.

Eye Rounds

Accessible case reports, videos, and tutorials on a number of high yield topics.

Cybersight (ORBIS)

Procedural and fundamental videos for free.